Anka (pronounced Aaahkaa) means "drawing" in Bengali, and derives from the Sanskrit "Aakaar" - meaning shape. From time immemorial, man has used pictures to express his ideas. The Whiteboard has become an indispensable part of the corporate culture.

At the turn of the century, we have seen electronic whiteboards, which allow you to transfer data written on the board to your PC. Now, the next phase begins - that of collaborative whiteboards. Imagine a whiteboard where you can write and be instantly seen by people over the internet with just a browser!

This is an open-source project licensed under GPL. The first working version allows you to draw and erase. Do check the online demonstration. Also check the Roadmap to understand our vision. Do you want to miss out on the collaboration revolution ? Want to join up in giving shape to this dynamic product as it evolves ? We are planning to integrate video and audio as well to this whiteboard- and need talented people who like challenges. You can get experience on building cutting edge applications with Kizna Syncshare Technology - building network applications just got easier. If you are interested, join our distributed open source team.


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